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Earning OSRS Gold with Half Price from RS3gold.com for OSRS Arceuus House

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If you鈥檝e never been to the Kingdom of Kourend before in Old School RuneScape, you鈥檙e in for a treat! By the way, you can also go to OSRS Holy Grail Quest Guide if you are interested in. Great Kourend consists of five cities/houses:
路 Arceuus
路 Hosidius
路 Lovakengj
路 Port Piscarilius
路 Shayzien
If you鈥檝e never been to Kourend, you can speak to Veos at Port Sarim, who will allow you to charter a ship for a small fee. After this, you鈥檒l arrive in Port Piscarilius and will have an entirely new game region unlocked for you.
This guide will specifically focus on the Arceuus House and intends to fully explain every aspect. Each house will have its own unique benefits and features, and each is equally astonishing.
The fastest way to access Arceuus is using the CIS fairy ring teleport, though to unlock the usage of the code, you鈥檝e got to pay the nearby NPC 80,000 coins. You can also use a Games necklace to Wintertodt and head south.
Gaining favour
Certain features of each House mandate that you have a certain percentage of favour within that house. If you鈥檝e previously gained favour in any other house, ensure that you reach 100% before proceeding. If you begin to gain favour in a separate house whilst having favour in another house below 100%, you will lose favour in the latter house which you will subsequently have to regain. To prevent this, start the Architectural Alliance miniquest, and talk to house architects to lock in favour once you reach the maximum for each house you鈥檙e currently working towards.
To start with, you will need to assist NPCs at the library find the books you鈥檙e looking at. Each NPC you assist will reward you with 2.5% favour and a book of arcane knowledge, which gives experience that you can put towards anything you鈥檇 like. If you find the books 鈥淭ransportation Incantations鈥 or 鈥淪oul Journey鈥, ensure to read them to unlock the Kourend teleport and Bear your Soul miniquest. To assist you in finding books, Biblia at the top-floor can help you, or the RuneLite open-source client has a plugin to help you.
For instance, reanimating a Kalphite requires level 57 Magic. It requires 4 body runes, 3 nature runes, and 2 soul runes. After killing the reanimated enemy, you will receive 884 Prayer experience and 1% favour. You can reanimate as many heads as you鈥檇 like. The main limitation is the number of ensouled heads you can carry, versus the amount of food you need. You can minimise the need for food runescape gold by wearing Guthan gear, which has a chance of healing you every hit.
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