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PSO2 is being ported to the NGS engine

Personal speculation: PSO2 is being ported to the NGS engine to keep players occupied involving NGS content releases. No new content will be released to […]

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Almost made me only change my mind about RuneScape

Yeah people underestimate just how op those things are. I obtained 75 summoning on a brand new ironman just afking the christmas summoning xp thing. […]

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The drivers of that being PSO2 NA

Anime is definitely bigger now than it was 8 decades ago, but the animes you mentioned are still the greatest animes. The real’new’ hit is […]

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Tey have too many cards from NBA 2K21

This is clearly a direct result of their insufficient servers but the amount of errors when trying to get into the auction house, and the […]

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Madden NFL 21 cover athletie

I would not even dare to buy Madden NFL 21,if the cover athlete is really a dead individual which sean taylor which is not appropriate […]

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Especially when compared to OSRS

We understand and we have heard from you time and time again how Covid hurts development and the way you’re switching into a quarterly expansion […]

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Madden 21 Team Rating -Thoughts?

When they make of the groups pretty much the 13, boring as hell. Remember sports games back? Some groups were while some were from the […]

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I will check on Phantasy Star Online 2 in a month

I wouldn’t be surprised if Challenge Mode gets added as filler Ep3 stuff tbh, as we only really have PD + TD4 left for a […]

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More and more”OSRS player attempts out RS3″ videos are popping ...

Watching players that have not touched RS3 in 8+ years undergo the beginnings of RuneScape is a great way to determine what functions in the”new […]

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PSO2 NA Solo Heaven & Hell XQ

What should you keep in your sub floor palette? And what do you maintain on your actual weapon palette? I always thought grim barrage was […]

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