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About inaani


Inaani is a global retail and wholesale VoIP Service Provider with over 10 years of trusted diligent presence across the globe. INAANI has emerged as one of the leading Mobile VoIP service Providers for assuring the decent quality of VoIP solution.
Inaani has been providing supreme quality 24X7 dedicated customer support to ensure that the customers can relish the best service for their business. The company believes in perfection and authenticate the service quality before providing services to their valuable consumers. Inaani has been dealing with a web of organic retail network with 1.5+ million subscribers and 800+ renowned Tier1 and Tier2 carriers like SingTel, Tata, Bharti, Telkom Malaysia, Deutsche Telekom, BICS, Verizon and many more to ensures the best quality network in IP telephony. And with the backing of a dexterous R&D team, INAANI has been marching forward ever since.
Inaani was founded in 2006 with the ultimate focus of providing utmost VoIP service to its consumers and now it has grabbed the position as a leading VoIP service provider in the VoIP market. Substantiating premium quality service to its client has always been the infrastructure of Inaani. Headquartered in Singapore, Inaani has multinational well establishment in Hong Kong, India, and UAE. Possessing a versatile structure, Inaani is competent to terminate VoIP calls, simultaneously for the retail and wholesale VoIP business.



Sell Route With Instant Payment Facilities

Dear vendors & partners, Greeting from Inaani Pte. Ltd. Which is a global VoIP service provider headquartered in Singapore. The Company web address is, https://www.inaani.com/ […]

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Non-Cli Routes available across multiple destinations

Dear vendor, Global VoIP Service Provider INAANI is offering VoIP Routes for multiple destinations. Please check the below destinations available for Wholesale VoIP termination. Egypt […]

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Cli Routes for Indonesia available for immediate VoIP Termination

Dear all, Singapore based VoIP Service Provider INAANI offers Cli Routes for immediate termination. With over 11 years of experience INAANI’s Services speak for themselves. […]

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Inaani Pte Ltd


Wholesale A-Z Termination available across Multiple Destinations

Dear vendor, Singapore based global VoIP Service Provider INAANI offers transaction of VoIP Routes of multiple destinations. Options of both buying and selling VoIP Routes […]

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