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Yep I learned my lesson about keeping up to date with all the devs of 2K.

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I dont believe criticising a game a one like 2K, is a bad thing but do we all at least wait until we’ve got some badges? I want things that are new. I would like to adapt to a new meta along with a gameplay that is new. I am hoping that they get some nuts and don’t fuk after launching immediately with stuff unless it’s legit. But who am I kidding. They’ll do some actual nice alterations but the vocal minority will yap and yap and they’ll destroy it.The issue is, not a single person actually said”change the meter” No one said change it, although people said to eliminate it. Nevertheless, that. As soon as we ask for a slew of items, and the very first thing we get is something we did not ask for, I think it’s fair to be angry.

People today will need to realize that in the end of the afternoon, the community doesnt develop and make NBA 2K21. 2K does. What the community says, cries about, asks for, DEMANDS even, doesnt mean shit to 2K, they’ll do what they want to do because it is their game, none. After the community, who’s constantly complaining, always continues to purchase whatever is released year after year, regardless of the blatant disregard by 2K of the communities desires and suggestions, they’re the fools for buying the exact product they dont want. 2K makes the smart business decision to discharge what they know the masses are just going to purchase. If you idiots stop purchasing it and influence their sales amounts, would any company start to do what they’re being told is affecting their earnings.

I spoke in general. I leave or could take the shot meter. But if you or anyone is mad over something really easy such as a shot meter then that is on you. After playing with it for x quantity of time it will be like any other shot meter. Or simply flip it off. Back to my point tho, they will make good gameplay changes for the better and ppl will complain until it’s reverted back to shit. Honestly what a stupid thing to complain about. To what you need in 20, you may alter your shot meter, it’s not like you’re gonna be forced to utilize the new one if you hate it so awful.

They’re conditioned to despise or complain about any new things. It may literally be steph currys eyebrows being off at a trailer in august plus they’d bitch about it. It does not matter to them what it is. 2K as a company has plenty of flaws and a number of the community’s criticisms are warranted but when I see people bitch and moan about little things like this all of the time it virtually invalidates the component of the community that attempts to give real feedback.

I always give game publishers the benefit of the doubt and continue to support them by buying their games based on how they act to support said game or future franchise releases. If the publisher pisses me constantly ignores the community comments in future releases and patches, I quit encouraging them and quit buying or playing their games. Players that are active are seen by them, and game earnings clearly speak for themselves. I promise that when every single individual who cares about NBA 2K21 stopped playing it everyday, and didnt instantly pre-order or buy the subsequent season’s copy and paste version on day 1, then they’d see a lot more of the negative feedback making it in to NBA 2K21. Like the EA/Activision controversy about micro trades, loot boxes, and pay to win. They saw their sales fall, and fixed the issues.

Yep I learned my lesson about keeping up to date with all the devs of 2K. They crack at a single complaint and totally revamp NBA 2K21 to appeal to players. I made a two dimensional slasher at the onset of the year but then I thought”if the best shooters are going to be shooting at a 40% could live with 1 defensive badge” and proceeded with a very aggressive slashing playmaker. Next week rolls around and we have anyone with half a mind with any construct, shooting out lights. Go with your gut. If you’ve got an adequate grip on metas of 2K you can readily make a judgement on what’s going to be viable all year.

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