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With less than a month to go until the release of The Inferno, Mods Ghost and Kieren are here to give you an update on our progress.une 1st – Save the date!All the way back on 30th March, Runescape polled the Inferno and it passed with flying colours. 84% of you said you wanted it to be a part of the game, and you’re probably wondering…… and lots of 2007 runescape gold other curious questions, too! Well, Runescape would like to give you an insight of Runescape are at.BUT FIRST, Runescape can confirm that The Inferno will be launched on 1st of June! Less than a month away!"-panics- AHHHH it’s getting closer!"Regardless of said panicking, the whole team and myself especially are incredibly excited to see this go out, and see people attempt to take it on.Just in case you’ve forgotten what this all is about, Runescape want to recreate the feeling you all had, when first taking on the TzHaar Fight Caves and its resident boss, TzTok-Jad.So many talk about that feeling of their hands shaking, panicking at the wrong time and eventually activating the wrong prayer, so much so it has come to acquire its own term, "Jad Hands".
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Runescape’re taking it up a notch. The Inferno will be substantially more difficult, with a final challenge to put fear in even the most hardened PvMers out there! The very best can walk away with the next tier Fire cape: the Infernal cape. You can see more info on what The Inferno is here.So how do Runescape approach something of this size? do Runescape start? Well the first thing Runescape need to do is to break it down into bitesize chunks. For this, Runescape use a software package called JIRA.
I cannot just go and "develop The Inferno" – what components are required for it?These tasks then need to have dependencies set out, for example Runescape cannot tie in the time-tracking feature until Runescape have the actual wave system and minigame up and running – at least in some capacity.
ion of JIRA jobs
Runescape prioritise features based on how vital they are to the update, and how many dependencies they have. For example, the wave structure is vital for so much of the content that Runescape really need that in place ASAP before moving on to creating the final boss even.A lot of extraneous features Runescape associate with being "nice to have" if Runescape get enough time. On a typical project, Runescape make a rather large list of features in this category, and cut them back throughout development to the ones Runescape feel are best and have time to develop.An interesting aspect to this is Runescape poll many of these things, such as Lava eel fishing in Mor Ul Rek. This means it is vital to the update – since Runescape’ve promised it is going to happen!
Once that’s all sorted, I could start laying some code down and get the main systems in place. Most of this was straight forward, as obviously TzHaar Fight Caves has a pretty similar minigame going on – but one thing I managed to tie into the core system, was purely randomised spawns.A player shouldn’t be able to determine monsters are going to be spawned, but at the same time, these locations are saved per run! This means they cannot logout and in to get more desired spawn locations for the monsters.This is Runescript: our in-house scripting language. The code shown here is what runs when you first enter the Inferno.
Now that system is in place, monsters that fill those waves can be developed and tied in, but there’s one thing that is a little more important, and that is the matter of TzKal-Zuk, the final boss!
The last 2-3 Runescapeeks have solely been spent working very closely with Mod Ghost over on graphics to get right.Imagine a screenshot of a really cool looking boss monster here
Normally in these sort of reports I’ll go and talk about the issues Runescape’ve had in development, but man, I don’t think I can without spoiling some of the mechanics Runescape’ve got at play here…It all involved a bit of back and forth, since Runescape’re attempting to do something never quite done before. I produced a prototype, with placeholder graphics in place, to ensure I could develop the mechanics Runescape designed.At this stage I played with it a lot, there are a number of questions to ask myself…
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