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Nieve’s Stronghold Slayer Cave is no longer what it once was. Many of the creatures found within have been relocated to a variety of 07 runescape gold new and existing dungeons found around Gielinor.Please note: All of the monsters in the areas listed below are only killable on task.
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Nieve’s New Cave
With many of the monsters Nieve’s Cave being relocated, you’re probably wondering what is left in the Stronghold Cave. And, you’ll be pleased to know, it still has plenty to offer.With more spawns and more space for the monsters within the cave, you’re sure to have a more pleasant slaying experience.
The Chasm of Fire
In the northern end of the Shayzien Encampment, a worrying chasm has appeared. If you dare enter, you’ll find yourself engulfed in the gloomy home of hordes of demons.Inside the Chasm of Fire you can find Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Black Demons. The deeper you go, the stronger your demon foes will become.The DJR fairy ring has been relocated to just nearby the entrance of the Chasm of Fire to allow for easier access.
Taverley Dungeon Expansion
You can now clamber your way on top of the walls within Taverley Dungeon for access to a large number of Black Dragons.You’ll also find some Baby Black Dragons along the way.
Kraken Cove
South of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, a cave has appeared. Within this damp cave you can find a number of Waterfiends, Cave Kraken, as well as a room to fight the Kraken itself.
Kalphite Hive
The Kalphite area Nieve’s Cave has been relocated to the Kharidian desert, just outside of the Shantay Pass.On top of being relocated, there are also a few more spawns found within the area.
Brimhaven Dungeon Expansion
A new area has been added to the West of the metal dragons within Brimhaven Dungeon. This new area contains, you guessed it, lots more metal dragons!If you wish to quickly access the deeper parts of Brimhaven Dungeon, a second entrance has also been added just West of Tai Bwo Wannai.On top of the above changes, the wild dogs which roam Brimhaven dungeon have been removed, leaving only those in the dedicated room for dogs.If you wish to use this entrance, you’ll need to pay Banisoch a one-off fee of 5,000 trading sticks.
Slayer Tower Dungeon
Have you ever wanted to slay some basement dwelling creatures? Because the Slayer Tower has received an expansion, and it is full of them.The new area found beneath the Slayer Tower is single-way combat and is not cannonable.
Smoke Devil Dungeon
The smokey area Nieve’s Cave has been relocated to be south of Castle Wars.This area has also been given a new lick of paint – but its layout remains unchanged.
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