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Phoenix Lair is part of Distractions and Diversions in RuneScape, and it can be done once per day. Players need to buy rs gold and complete the quest In Pyre Need to access the Phoenix Lair. RSorder where sell the cheapest RuneScape Gold will give you a simple introduction of it.
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Phoenix Lair is in the south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Players can walk the area or by other methods. In the Phoenix Lair, players have to navigate through many caverns and fight against Reborn monsters. Some Greater and Lesser Reborn variants may appear in each cavern. In the last cavern, players need to fight with Phoenix. After defeating the Phoenix, she will crawl onto the pyre. Players need to light the pyre and the Phoenix is consumed by the flames to be reborn.
When she reappears, players can receive the reward by speaking to her. Phoenix will not drop anything, but she will give 5 Phoenix quills. After completing the Phoenix Lair, players will receive experience of firemaking, fletching, crafting and slayer. Besides, players may obtain a phoenix egg and receive the items collected from the caverns as well as 5 Phoenix quills.
Question:If Make-All is added to Old School, should the Make-X interfaces in the chatbox area be upgraded as described in the blog so that Make-All can be a left-click option rather than always being right-click?
Magic Void Knight Buff
The Magic Void Knight set is not particularly useful. The additional Magic accuracy it offers simply is not enough to make it worth using over any other available gear – not even the likes of Mystic Robes.In this week’s poll we will be offering a buff to the bonus this set offers, giving it meaningful place as a Magic set.Currently, the Magic Void Knight set provides a bonus of 30% Magic accuracy. We’d like to increase this to 45% Magic accuracy, as well as offering a 2.5% Magic damage increase for the elite set.
There are a lot of different teleport scrolls. They’re handy, but they aren’t always worth all that bank space.We’d like to offer a solution to this problem: the master scroll book.The master scroll book would allow you to store all of your teleport scrolls in a single slot. Clicking the master scroll book would display an interface which you can a destination based on the scrolls you have added to the book.The master scroll book would be a rare reward all tiers of clue scroll. It would be tradeable when empty, but untradeable when scrolls are stored in it.
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